Institutional Capacity Building and Workforce Development

On a long-term assignment for UNCFSP (working on NASA and US Departments of Justice and Education initiatives) Amit has focused on professional skills training, evaluative research and assessment, survey administration, as well as on telecommunications and multimedia technologies to support and expand the agencies’ services in technical assistance and capacity building. He also ensures the development of proposals/programs that include effective monitoring & evaluation methodologies. The programs include:

Center for Assessment, Planning and Accountability (CAPA), whose six-member staff focuses on:

  • The design and conduct of evaluations using appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods that enable clients to improve programs, demonstrate effectiveness, and provide information required for transparent and efficient decision-making.
  • Enabling minority institutions gain greater access to government funding through the development of proposals that include effective monitoring & evaluation methodologies and implementing relevant programs to support post-award initiatives.
  • Developing and participating in action research studies that can build the capacity of minority institutions, faculty and students.

Special Programs Institute for Advancement (SPIA), whose five curriculum development professionals and team of trainers focus on:

  • Face-to-face and Internet-based training in leadership and results based management as well as building institutional capacity in research & development. Currently, SPIA offers classes on-site and via on-demand web-based formats. The professional development curriculum consists of four main pillars, each consisting of modules that build upon one another to prepare participants in their roles as effective leaders and managers of global capacity building efforts. Additional sessions are always being added.

Integrated Communication Technology Center (ICTC), whose services include high-speed computing, audio/video conferencing, video production, and web design and maintenance. Also included under the ICTC umbrella is SPTV, an innovative video library featuring original programming produced by a dedicated four-member team.

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