Energy and climate change

Team Leader & Privatization Specialist, Design of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Environmental Improvement Project, India

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For USAID/India led a team of experts to design a cluster of activities aimed at reducing GHG emissions from the power sector. Existing gaps and needs were identified and specific recommendations were designed to promote PSP in the power sector. Mr. Bando:

  • Established an information clearing-house with grant funding – over time this institution has evolved into a fee-based service provider to the Indian power sector.
  • Established a project development facility at the ICICI to promote non-fossil fuel based energy generation.
  • Assisted ICICI develop the framework, organization structure and the business plan for a special credit window for green projects.
  • Conducted workshops on clean technology investment options, financing guidelines and use of market incentives for energy production and environmental protection.

After successful implementation of the $19 million first phase, Mr. Bando designed a set of follow-on initiatives in the transportation, and industrial sectors. These initiatives were implemented in the National Capital Region. This set of activities has resulted in over $80 million in further funding of privatization initiatives in the Indian power generation and distribution sectors.

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