Urban environment management and environmental impact assessment

Team Leader & Principal Investigator, Economic Evaluation of Environmental Impacts, Asia

On this ADB assignment, Mr. Bando led the development of a widely used workbook (Economic Evaluation of Environmental Impacts, ADB, March 1996, ISBN 971-561-080-3) using defensible, state-of-the-art methodology to assess the net economic benefits of environmental impacts associated with economic/ infrastructure development; a key focus of this workbook is the evaluation of the GCC impacts. The manual used case studies to demonstrate the use of international best practices to improve EIAs for infrastructure projects, focusing on resource planning and development in the power and energy, water supply, sanitation and sewage, industrial, agricultural, and road and rail transport sectors. Mr. Bando and his team:

  • Quantified impacts of infrastructure development and incorporated state-of-the art risk management tools within the project appraisal cycle
  • Developed evaluation techniques to determine the economic cost of impacts
  • Prepared a user-friendly, case-study-based document for ADB project managers, private sector project proponents, and member country officials
  • Conducted workshops to demonstrate the use of economic evaluation techniques in assessing project impacts.

Under Urban environment management and environmental impact assessment

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