Urban environment management and environmental impact assessment

Project Manager and EIA Expert, Environmental Compliance at U.S. Naval Facilities, Worldwide

For the U.S. Department of Defense, Mr. Bando directed the preparation and implementation of environmental audit programs for U.S. naval bases worldwide. These environmental and EIAs stressed the role of end-user energy efficiency and pollution prevention in a comprehensive waste management program for major port facilities. The analysis addressed the complete cycle of environmental compliance and monitoring, and included the training and assessment of relevant personnel. Means of eliciting public participation in the compliance process were evaluated. Relevant international, federal and state regulations and treaties (particularly those related to ocean dumping and incineration of hazardous wastes) were reviewed and their impacts were evaluated. A methodology for risk-based prioritization of compliance needs was developed and used to assess the potential future role of different facilities within the U.S. Navy.

Under Urban environment management and environmental impact assessment

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