Recent / ongoing work

Most recently, we have adapted our tools and techniques to regions as diverse as Mongolia, the Peoples Republic of China, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, Puerto Rico, Barbados, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

For example, in the Philippines and the Peoples Republic of China, we have conducted numerous market feasibility studies for national and international private sector clients – we have focused on providing clean energy solutions in the cement, steel, textiles, sugar, paper, food processing, and hospitality sectors. Working closely with community groups, industry associations, and government agencies, we have identified relevant options, evaluated the potential barriers, and designed as well as implemented workable solutions for the mitigation of Climate Change impacts. Our Teams have worked on the technical, economic, financial, and social acceptability aspects of such initiatives to ensure that the client and the host country are left with a “win-win” situation. This was the case with the Laguna Lake Development Authority where we implemented a comprehensive program to relocate over 200 industrial facilities while promoting a fee-based industrial waste reduction program.

Our work in these countries as well in other Asian nations (including Vietnam and Indonesia) is based on our close relationship to top decision-makers within the Government and industry. As such, we have unparalleled access to relevant decision makers. For example, in Vietnam we have been involved in structuring the National Environmental Agency and continue to work closely with the State Planning Committee and well as the National Electric Company. Our Teams have identified and continue to help develop strategic Industrial Processing Zones (e.g. The Baria Vungdao Zone) to promote inflows of foreign direct investments in clean energy and other economically viable projects.

We continue to work at the state level with private and public sector entities as we identify, prioritize and implement initiatives aimed at mitigating climate change impacts. Our work is guided by in-house tools and protocols. Several of these tools were developed by our Principals and subsequently adopted by the World Bank/GEF. We maintain strong links to national and state level NGOs to ensure that our recommendations are based on meaningful stakeholder input.

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