Climate Change Specialist, Strategies Related to the Conference of Parties (COP), Worldwide, 1996-ongoing.

On behalf of several institutions, including USAID, USEPA, and national governments, Mr. Bando continues to lead several activities on developing post-Kyoto strategies, particularly those related to the use of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Key activities have included:

  • Evaluating national climate change initiatives and national energy plans in the US and several non-Annex 1 countries including Kazakhstan, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Mexico; on-going and proposed initiatives are being prioritized for inclusion under the CDM;
  • Preparing a comprehensive assessment of priority issues related to use of economic instruments, project financing options, monitoring and verification of possible carbon credits, roles of various parties, role of the private sector, etc.;
  • Briefing private sector entities in non-Annex 1 countries (e.g. Mexico) on the CDM, related financing options, and the potential role of the private sector; and
  • Determining the potential role of bi-lateral activities between the US and key non-Annex 1 “big-emerging” economies.

Market Transformation Advisor, Power and Energy Sector, Worldwide, 1996-ongoing

For multinational utilities and investors (including Iberdrola, BP Shell, PDVSA, PEMEX and EDF), Mr. Bando designs and implements market entry strategies focusing on thermal power generation, alternative energy sources, energy efficiency and global climate change. He works closely with financial institutions to develop investment grade projects that improve economic competitiveness. Countries of recent experience include Viet Nam, Mongolia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, China, The Philippines, and Mexico.

Clean Technology Advisor, Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ) for Climate Change Mitigation, Global, 1996-ongoing

Mr. Bando has evaluated and conducted feasibility studies of several projects proposed for the AIJ program. As a member of review panels, he has primarily evaluated proposed projects on energy and forestry in Asia and recommended ways to develop feasibility studies on priority projects, leading up to AIJ approval. Additionally, Mr. Bando has helped project proponents develop AIJ projects to secure project financing and implement specific activities to support data generation and verification.

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