Corporate clients

We can design customized training modules for your staff members and consultants. Whether you want your employees to succeed in the GRE or the GMAT test, we can help them prepare. We offer group rates and can conduct training sessions at your location. You can offer these options as part of your corporate employee development program. Contact us so that we can help you.

In addition, our professional development program offers on-site and on-line training on a range of topics including:

  • Project Management
  • Winning Government Contracts
  • Running an R&D Enterprise
  • Successful proposal Development
  • Corporate Ethics
  • Financial Literacy

These modules have been designed and implemented by a team of experts guided by Amit Bando.

An experienced multi-lingual trainer and licensed mediator, Amit has designed and implemented numerous capacity building programs for clients. He focuses on delivering market-based solutions to clients’ problems, using “train-the-trainer” techniques to strengthen institutions. He has helped private sector entities understand development-financing issues.

Working with legal experts, Amit often testifies on the economic implications of specific national and international regulations on energy and the environment.

Amit has published extensively on the economic evaluation of environmental impacts and developed/presented numerous workshops on investment finance and environmental management. In particular, his seminal publication on the Economic Evaluation of Environmental Impacts (ISBN 971-561-080-3; ADB Press, Manila, 1996, updated 2000, 2006) is widely used by development professionals worldwide.

We have delivered training programs for Fortune 100 firms like Burlington Northern, AT&T, Johnson Controls, BP and Shell, for US Government Agencies such as the Department of Energy, NASA and EPA. We have trained professionals at The World Bank/GEF, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank and at ministries in over 35 nations.

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