Energy and climate change

Senior Policy Scientist, National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program (NAPAP), Department of Energy, USA

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On part of this ten-year international program, assessed the comprehensive impacts of acid precipitation and implemented market-based instruments for abatement of acid deposition:

  • Analyzed regional and sector impacts of proposed policies for mitigation of and adaptation to the impacts of deposition using several models, including MARKAL, WASP, FOSSIL2, AUSM, CRESS, HOME, TEEMS, MOBILE4 and the DRI set of models
  • Developed long-term energy demand and price forecasts at the global, national, power-pool, and regional levels by fuel type and source to determine the nature and extent of the acid-precipitation phenomenon.
  • Constructed and maintained an integrated model set to develop portions of the U.S. National Energy Strategy; analyzed long-term potential of renewable energy sources.
  • Wrote several sections of the state-of-science reports used as critical input for the Clean Air Act Amendment; analytical results were used in the IPCC deliberations and at UNCED 1992.
  • Worked with an inter-agency group (including USEPA, USDOE, State Public Utility Commissions, IEA, and other international entities), electric utilities, and the Chicago Board of Trade to design and implement the US SO2 Permit Trading System; provided key input on ways to integrate a market incentive into the existing regulatory system and set up credible monitoring and verification programs via a “phased” approach; worked with key utilities and credit brokers to implement the permit-trading mechanism.

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