Urban environment management and environmental impact assessment

Team Leader, Pollution Control Legislation and Institutional Strengthening of Ministry of Population and Environment, Nepal

On this ADB assignment, in conjunction with Nepali government officials and the World Conservation Union (IUCN), Mr. Bando drafted industrial pollution control laws in 1994, including regulations on water, air, and waste issues. These laws have been promulgated.

The resulting urban environmental management strategy, for which Mr. Bando secured $250 million in bridge financing, combined market-based and command-and-control incentives with standards and monitoring protocols to develop regulations for environmental impact assessments (EIAs), industrial pollution control for air and water discharge, and industrial hazardous waste management. In addition, he:

  • Designed innovative micro-financing financing mechanisms to promote environmental protection and economic development
  • Implemented a pilot program linking environmental protection to poverty alleviation
  • Conducted extensive training of government officials and other stakeholders on strategy, policy, regulatory, and monitoring issues as well as implemented a public awareness campaign on behalf of the government
  • Evaluated the government’s environmental roles and activities and analyzed the economic impact of proposed legislation.
  • Developed a comprehensive program for capacity building for environmental monitoring and data management.

Under Urban environment management and environmental impact assessment

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