Urban environment management and environmental impact assessment

Environment Specialist, Strengthening Environmental Planning and EIA Capability, Viet Nam

As project expert on environmental assessment on this ADB assignment, helped the Vietnamese government (National Environmental Agency) structure an environmental regulatory framework to govern infrastructure development and operations. Mr. Bando:

  • Reviewed current national procedures and guidelines for assessing environmental impact
  • Developed sector-specific guidelines for preparing and reviewing environmental impact reports and designed policies guiding environmental audits
  • Prepared detailed case studies to demonstrate how environmental studies should be conducted to meet international standards; the case studies focused on road transportation in Hanoi, cement production at the Ching-Fong facility, power generation at Phu-My II, and industrial processing zones in Vung-Tao province.
  • Developed and implemented detailed BME guidelines for the Noi-Bai Toll-way connecting the Hanoi airport to the city-center.

Mr. Bando directed the surveys to record data on a number of issues including motorized traffic patterns, accidents, passenger and freight haulage patterns, traffic diversion patterns, as well as the costs of operation, maintenance and population relocation. During the two-year assignment, he worked with a team of Vietnamese experts to implement the BME initiatives and document the results through as series of case-study reports. He prepared recommendations to address poverty through environmental improvements based on existing environmental, economic, and social information. Finally, he developed training materials and presented workshops for government personnel to enhance their understanding of accepted protocols for assessing environmental impact and providing feedback on strategy.

Under Urban environment management and environmental impact assessment

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